Types of Investments

The JRB Retirement Plan provides a menu of investment offerings.

Mutual Funds

The JRB Plan investment menu includes a range of carefully selected mutual funds, including stock funds, bond funds, and hybrid funds, which combine stocks and bonds together. The Plan offers both actively managed and passively managed (index) funds.

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The Plan menu includes approximately 20 no-load mutual funds from such well-known companies as American Funds, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Loomis Sayles, Parnassus, T. Rowe Price, Vanguard and Western Asset. One of the advantages of the JRB Plan is that you can purchase shares of these funds at a lower cost than you would pay for them in the retail market.

These funds are intended as long-term investments to meet your retirement goals and are not designed for frequent trading.  Excessive trading can result in redemption fees for some funds.

Stable Value Interest Fund

The Plan also offers a stable value fund. The goal of The Stable Value Interest Fund is to preserve your principal while providing a stable, credited rate of interest.

View the quarterly report for the Stable Value Interest Fund or view the fact sheet.

The Fund is managed by Galliard Capital Management, a division of Wells Fargo and one of the largest stable value and fixed income managers in the U.S.

Target Date Retirement Funds

The Plan offers life-cycle funds, also called target date funds, which automatically adjust the holdings in the fund based on the approximate year you plan to retire.  As the retirement date approaches, the fund rebalances the portfolio mix by reducing equity holdings and increasing fixed income assets. 

State of Israel Bonds

As a Plan participant, you are eligible to purchase State of Israel bonds through your JRB account. Israel bond purchases are made available twice a year, in the spring and fall.

The interest rate credited on a State of Israel Bonds purchased through the JRB is generally higher than the rate you would obtain on your own.  When purchased through the JRB, you are not buying an individual bond but a portion of a larger denominational bond which pays a higher interest rate.

Purchasing Israel bonds through the JRB is a convenient way to honor a fund drive pledge.