Changing Your Account Holdings

Once you make your initial investment allocation, it will remain in effect until you decide to change it, which you can do at any time, at no charge.

You make changes to your account holdings in several ways:

  • You can transfer money from one fund to another.
  • You can change the percentage of new contributions that is allocated to each fund.
  • You can realign your account holdings in keeping with your investment objectives and financial situation.

You can make changes to your account either online or by completing a form authorizing the JRB to make the changes for you.

Realigning Your Account

There are several reasons for making changes to your account holdings.  As you get closer to retirement, you may decide to reduce your equity investments and shift to more conservative funds. Or, if your percentage of stock or bond holdings changes significantly due to market fluctuations, you might want to shift assets between the funds to get your portfolio back in balance.

Remember that investing for retirement is a long-term strategy. While it’s important to monitor your account on a regular basis to make sure your strategy is on track, making constant changes might actually hurt your earnings potential.