Complimentary Financial Consultation

JRB staff is always available to answer questions about your finances in general or the JRB retirement plan in particular. But we also offer a more comprehensive assessment, our Complimentary Financial Consultation.

Why should you set up a Financial Consultation with the JRB?

  • You want to know if your investment allocation is appropriate for your age and risk tolerance.
  • You want to know how much income you can expect from your JRB account in retirement.
  • You and your spouse both have retirement plans and other investments and you want a picture of your overall asset allocation and combined net worth.
  • You want to understand how to balance retirement saving with other financial goals – paying for a child’s education, reducing debt or buying a home.

To answer these – and other questions about your finances – sign-up for the JRB’S Complimentary Financial Consultation.

During this session we will work with you to determine whether you are on track to realize your goals and, if you are not on-track, to understand the options you have available to achieve your financial security. We will assess whether you are saving and investing appropriately based on your age, time-horizon and comfort with risk. We summarize this information in a projection showing how much you can expect to withdraw from your JRB retirement account every year.

  • We discuss your overall financial situation and work with you to calculate your net worth. We believe it is crucial to understand your overall financial status in order to assess your retirement readiness.
  • Based on this conversation, we can prepare a projection that shows how your assets are allocated, how much income you can expect to generate in retirement and the impact of inflation.
  • If there is a gap between your current financial condition and reaching your goals, the JRB develops a series of simulations that project your finances based on a changed asset allocation, saving more and/or working longer.
  • We work with you to update your current asset allocation as well as the investment of future contributions to your JRB account.
  • For those close to retiring, the JRB explains how to prioritize distributions from retirement and non-retirement accounts, how often to take distributions, how to manage investment assets in retirement and how much you can withdraw so your savings provide sufficient income for a 20- to 30-year retirement. We also review the rules governing Required Minimum Distributions.
  • For rabbis and cantors, our consultation will help you take maximum advantage of the parsonage allowance in retirement, a benefit unique to denominational plans such as the JRB.
  • During the Financial Consultation we will also remind you to make sure that your beneficiary designations, life insurance coverage, and estate planning documents are up-to-date.
  • Once you decide upon a course of action, the JRB can assist you to implement it.

Spending a few minutes to discuss a retirement which could last 20-30 years is a good “investment” of time. While we won’t give advice, our Financial Consultation will give you a better understanding of your current progress toward your financial goals and help you develop a roadmap to achieve them. Get started today by calling 888-JRB-FREE (572-3733) or send us an email to schedule a session.