Thank You Mrs. Phyllis Hofman Waldmann

and Scott H. Kaplan, Esq.

At its December 2022 meeting, the JRB Board bid a fond farewell to Mrs. Phyllis Hofman Waldmann and Scott H. Kaplan, Esq. after each having served as a Trustee for 21 years.

Mrs. Phyllis Hofman Waldmann was the first woman appointed to the JRB Board and became the first woman to serve as Chair. Appointed by the Jewish Theological Seminary, Mrs. Waldmann brought her extensive experience in education and work with Camp Ramah to the Board. She served on many Board Committees. As long-time Chair of the Communications Committee, she helped transform the JRB’s entire area of communications including leading the effort to rebuild the website and the creation of our monthly e-newsletter, the Financial Pulse. Most recently, Mrs. Waldmann chaired the Budget Committee.

“Phyllis’ comments and suggestions at Board meetings were always spot on and helped make our decisions better ones,” commented outgoing Board Chair Rabbi Joel H. Meyers. “With modesty and without fanfare, Phyllis dedicated heart and soul to the work of the JRB, caring for the well-being of the participants in our plan as well as the Conservative Movement as a whole.”

Mr. Scott H. Kaplan, Esq, appointed to the Board by United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, served on the Executive Committee for many years, including as Chair of the Board; he also served on many other Board Committees. Under his tenure as Chair of the Investment Review Committee, the JRB’s plan assets grew to more than $1 billion. He also worked to ensure that the JRB used its market power to offer investment options with low expenses.

Rabbi Meyers noted that “We will miss Scott’s analytic presentations of the JRB’s investment offerings.” He also acknowledged “Scott’s kindness and generosity, the little things Scott did to mark key events of Board members and JRB staff.”

“What came through most clearly during the 21 years Phyllis and Scott served on the Board was their constant concern for the well-being of those who placed their retirement funds in the hands of the JRB,” Rabbi Meyers concluded. “On behalf of all the participants in the JRB Plan and the Board, we say Todah Rabah to Phyllis and Scott. May you be blessed with continuing years of good health, loving admiration, goodness and blessing.”

January 2023