Quarterly Statements Going Digital

Beginning with the 2nd quarter (June 30, 2020) statement, the JRB’s recordkeeper, Alerus Retirement and Benefits, will distribute quarterly statements electronically. You will still get a printed 4th quarter statement each year if you currently receive printed statements.

If you want to continue receiving a printed copy of all of your quarterly statements, please contact the JRB at 888-JRB-FREE (572-3733) or send us an email.

Alerus is making this change in to order to:

  • Increase Security. Accessing your statement online is more secure than receiving your statement in the mail.
  • Receive Your Statement Sooner. Your quarterly statement is available online several days before you would receive it through the mail. Make sure the JRB has your email address and you’ll be notified when your statement is ready.
  • Improve Convenience. You can access your current – and past – statement(s) from anywhere at any time.
  • Go Green. E-statements reduce the environmental impacts of printing and delivery.

Not sure if an e-statement is right for you? You can always change your preference. Just log into your JRB account and click on the My Profile icon at the top of your Account Overview page. You’ll find the quarterly statement delivery options at the bottom of the My Profile page. If you have any difficulty updating your preference, please contact the JRB at 888-JRB-FREE (572-3733) or send us an email.


May 2020